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Ahh, yet another Tanya Burr related post 👍 today I’m wearing Aurora again, but this time over MAC Hot Gossip! It makes the gloss colour much more intense and yeah, I just love it aha! I’m going to try and get some more glosses today - I know one of them is a perfect dupe for one of my Smashbox lip glosses! (I think it’s something toast.) Also, please excuse the semi-disgusting car selfie, I mainly make these posts when I’m on the way to somewhere!

Also, I’m listening to the Kaiser Chiefs new album Education, Education, Education and War which is fantastic and you should all go buy it right this second.

My glasses are from Ray-Ban at Boots, my dress is from New Look and my Jacket is from Topshop!

Sorry for the ramble but yeah, have a nice day!


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